Maths Tuition in Bristol

About me
I went to Sussex university obtaining a BSc(Hons) in mathematics, I then went on to do an MSc in Geometry, Mathematical physics and Analysis at the university of Oxford. I then spent some time in industry doing various mathematical modelling positions in industry covering many diverse areas where my mathematics was useful. When I was in industry I was also sponsored for a full time MPhil in applied mathematics at Manchester university. I am now doing a PhD in applied mathematics at University College London where I also lecture a university course which is at the level of A-level pure mathematics. The course notes for this are freely available. I have been a professional mathematician all my working life and I am a member of the Institute of Mathematics and it’s applications as well as a member of the institute of physics.

I have been very successful in tutoring on many levels, from GCSEs to corporate level, from individual tutoring to groups and even lecturing. I have been able to help from all ages and all levels.

I have spent my whole career in the engineering and science sectors and have a good understanding of the mathematical ability required for those careers.

Regardless of your current ability, I can help improve a person ability in maths, private tuition is the best way to do this. The first meeting I will asses the key goals of your tutoring and where your weaknesses are and the best route to overcoming them.

Why private tutoring?
One to one tuition is bar far the most efficient way to improve at anything, not just maths. It will allow you to understand where your weaknesses are quickly and to over comes them. Improving your ability will also improve your confidence in tackling other maths problems which will then have the knock on effect of motivating you in you mathematics.