Methods of Tutoring

The First Lesson

The first lesson with me, we will talk about what you hope to achieve in your mathematical studies, what you hope to gain from one to one tutoring and then we will discuss the topics that you wish to cover and then draw up a plan to getting you confident with these topics.

Starting from the Beginning

When starting a topic (perhaps as revision or as anew) I will begin by assessing what the student knows about that topic and start from what the student knows and is confident with and start from that point by working on theory supplemented with worked examples to help the student become confident with the topic.

Extra Help

I can also assist with school homework, helping the student to understand the question, explaining little bits of theory if required and also the best methods to tackle questions. I can also set additional questions to help the student gain a full understanding of the topic in hand. I can also assist with revision, give tips of how to start revision and how to revise, techniques on answering questions and the quickest way in answering a question.

Extra Learning Materials

I have my own notes on many of the topics which are on the A-level syllabus which I will allow as a free download from my site. I also provide formula sheets with all the basic topics on. Having been done maths professionally all my working life, I can relate the mathematics on the syllabus to real life to give the student some extra enthusiasm for the subject.