Types of Tutoring

I offer several methods of tutoring to suit the individual or small group. I do ask that all members of the groups are studying at the same level, so I will not do mixed GCSE and A-level classes for example. I am willing to teach at any age or ability and I have an enhanced CRB certificate so I can teach children.

Weekly Tuition

This is typically the most common option. I will spend an hour (or longer if you wish) going over a topic with plenty of worked examples so you understand the idea of the topic and can grasp the essentials. I can if you wish set you homework questions to do during the week to further assist you in understanding the material.

Group Tuition

I will also teach small groups of people working at the same level, special rates apply, please contact me for further information.

Online Assistance

I offer free online assistance to people with quick inquiries, please contact me to arrange this. I also provide a printed set of lecture notes which cover part of the A-level syllabus and I will hopefully provide a more complete set of notes for the A-level syllabus. I am also a recognised homework helper on Physics Forums

Place of tuition

I am based in the St George’s area (near St George’s park) of Bristol. I can come to your residence or you can come to mine but the prices that I charge are different. If you come to my house for tuition than I charge £25 per hour and if I come to your residence then I charge £30 per hour. The goal of tuition is learning in a relaxed surroundings, so choose which you would feel happy with.